You eat, breathe and live fashion, which makes it understandable why you are interested in pursing it as a career. To jump start your super chic career there are many types of fashion degrees to study. By getting a degree in fashion you will be able to focus your study on a specific field in fashion helping you get educated and confident in your exciting new career.

Have you ever wanted to get into fashion journalism and write for Women’s Wear Daily? What about being a top buyer for a store like Saks Fifth Avenue? These are all excellent and possible opportunities for a student who has studied fashion. Here are some types of fashion degrees that are offered:

  •  Fashion Merchandising: You will learn everything from fabrics and textiles to accounting and history of fashion. This type of fashion degree can land you a job as a buyer and merchandiser. Anyone who enjoys shopping and understands the consumer along with the latest fashion trends will enjoy getting a degree in this field.
  •  Fashion Marketing and Management: Getting a degree in either marketing or management is key for those business professionals who are also intrigued with the fashion world. A student studying in this program will learn about productions, advertising and marketing. You’ll enjoy a lavish career in advertising, retail management, or visual merchandising.
  •  Fashion Design: If you are a creative spirit who prefers sketching rather then figuring out numbers, this is the ideal degree for you. A fashion degree program allows a student to enjoy courses in consumer trends, hand drawing, and human anatomy. Students who study in fashion designer normally end up with a career in designing either apparel, accessories or interior design.
  •  Fashion Journalism: For those who prefer to write about the fashion industry, getting a degree in fashion journalism is a smart move. Those looking to work in magazines, newspapers, television, or online can benefit by this type of degree with courses that focus on not only journalism but also trends and designers. After graduating with this degree, you’ll be able to get a job as a fashion editor, reporter or a critic.

Levels of Fashion Degrees

While there are plenty of different fields to study in fashion, there are also many different types of fashion degrees on different levels. Depending on your prior education, what you are looking for, and the time you are able to put into it, there are degrees offered that can fit within your schedule. Here are the degrees offered:

  • Associates Degree: This is normally a one to two year program that helps a student get education on the fashion field they are interested in. There is usually no prior education prerequisite.
  • Bachelors Degree: You will most likely need a portfolio if you are attending a school to get your bachelors in fashion design, but normally don’t need any prior education in the field. A bachelors degree is usually received after studying for in a four year institution.
  •  Masters Degree: Students who go to grad school will need to have prior education, such as a bachelors degree but it doesn’t always have to be fashion related. A masters degree can usually be served within one to two years.

When you’re ready to get your career going in fashion, these types of fashion degrees will help give you the proper education to fully succeed in your field of interest. These types of fashion degrees can really make a difference when it comes to applying for the career of your dreams.