When we think of resort inspired pieces, we tend to consider black and white motifs, straw accented bags, or even some bright colorful hues, but Prada has another view on what resort wear looks like. Prada’s Resort 2013 is anything but bright and perky, but instead offers a sporty vibe rather than a parade of carnival looking colors and lightweight silhouettes.

Unlike what we saw for Prada’s Resort 2012 collection with a burst of happy colors and feminine shapes, this time around it’s offering a more masculine edge. The 2012 resort collection had feminine frocks in lady-like prints, mixed with springtime colors of pastels and bursts or poppy shades of yellows and pinks. There was also a lot of print. Bold prints that took on a mind of their own, whisking the woman away in her own wonderland of colorful adventure.

Prada Resort Collection Description

Prada Model in 2013 collection

Prada Model in 2013 collection.

This time, the resort collection has moved from springtime fantasy to an autumn leaves and gym inspired showdown. Mixing with the athletic trend, this year Prada is all about incorporating some serious 70’s inspired retro looking accessories, including the striped sweatbands as a focal point. The entire collection consists of structured polos, fancy furs, striped tanks and even square leather gym bags.A style that not necessarily makes us think of vacation but more so an interesting mix of hitting up the gym while having an ultra chic outfit in there just in case you have to go to a cocktail party right after.

Prada’s latest collection is inspired by the men’s spring and summer line with similar additions including the tailored trousers, long trench coats, and severe colorblocking pattern. The tones are neutral with some pops of colorful hues here and there, with pipelining silhouettes and sunglasses, rather than the sweatbands, that we only see the ladies sport on the runway. The men’s look was rather clean and simple throughout the entire line, which we also see within the entire resort collection for the women.

Prada Style Trend for 2013

So let’s rehash the latest series. The shape is very lean and super modern. The lines are dramatic and offer a lot of structure, including the sleek, straight leg trousers that hit right at the ankle. The coorblocking trend still stays in focus with the athletic wear including a simple black and blue long, shapeless tank paired with trousers and a leather gym bag. Let’s not forget the black sweatband that makes an appearance either.

While the overall color tone here is dark and appropriate for fall with neutral tones and dark shades, there are still pops of color mixed in between. Scouring the collection, you’ll find combined with the dark crimson jacket and grey sweater, there are a burst of colorful electric blue pants that grab your eye, making the entire look modish with some serious funk (and resort colorful style).

As for the fur, there are mixes and matches in between the entire resort line. Mixed with the colorblocking polos and structured trousers, you’ll find colorblocking fur jackets making a bold statement, including the white on navy piece with short sleeves that hits right below the waist. Fur can also be found on other items including long tanks that are made out of fur, still offering a color-on-color trend, which are paired with the trousers that also offer a two-tone approach.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve just witnessed Charlie Sheen make a comeback with his bowler shirts on Two and a Half Men either. Women cascaded down the runway sporting khaki trousers with polo shirts resembling the official “bad boy’s” ensemble, only they were wearing them right on top of another polo.

Resort and Sporty Looks by Prada

sporty prada look for 2013

Sporty Prada look for 2013.

And while we see a lot of dark, muted hues, we also take in the inevitable black and white look that makes us all think of resort apparel. Only this time, while we do see “resort” we also see “sporty” with the long white on black tank paired with structured white trousers with black seams on the inside of the legs, topping off with a contrasting black sweatband with white accents. The looks says “vacation” but that you’re also ready to either go to a lunch meeting in those fancy trouser pants or the gym in the rest of the outfit.

However, if you are looking for an overall business-looking attire, Prada also has you covered. Thanks to their tailored suit jacket that matches with the trouser pants, you’ll be able to rock a business look that is made for the office, drinks after work, or even a lunch meeting with a client or two. The long trench coats are also a keen accessory in the wardrobe that makes the overall outfit look less sporty but more business-casual. As long as you skip on wearing the sweat band inspired head garments to the office, you should be good to go.

The overall look and feel of Prada’s latest resort collection is mod with lots of athletic style and masculine feel. It’s not the girly, romantic fashion we saw before with the 2012 resort line, but instead something darker, manlier, with an ounce of femininity swept into it thanks to the delectable fur pieces paired with the manly leather gym bags. An end result of simple autumn-like colors infused with sporty appeal and work attire, this is the collection that mixes a whole bunch of different looks into one providing an array of combinations. The real item that is able to keep the look at sporty one is the sweatband that doesn’t seem to move from any of the looks, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it.

Video of Prada 2013 Menswear

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