Louis Vuitton Polka Dot Motif Channeling Yayoi Kusama

louis-vuitton-polka-dots-redWe haven’t seen these many dots since Cruella De Vil stole all those Dalmatians. But now, it’s official, dots are making a comeback. Louis Vuitton has created a new line that is inspired by the polka dot motif that Yayoi Kusama has been known to shell out. If you’re a fan of Louis Vuitton, but want to see something outside of their normal monotoned monogramed leathers, then this new fall collection is something that might interest you. Or if anything else, distract you.

The Japanese avant-garde artist, Yayoi Kusama is know for her wild psychedelic and feminist themed art. A woman known for her pop-art and minimalist work, she also knows how to play with her pieces to allow them to feature abstract expressionism that is also psychological and extremely sexual. Her work has been seen in museums all over the world.

Besides being an artist that dabbles in all sorts of mediums — painting, sculptor, performing arts — she is also a writer, and published her first book called “7”  in 1977 that contained her own poems and paintings. She later went on to publish several novels including the “Angels in Cape Cod” in 1988.

Video of Yayoi Kusama

Whitney Museum of American Art

So while the 83 year-old artist has an exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art to be excited about, she also has her new collaboration with Louis Vuitton to show off. As the lead sponsor for Kusama’s exhibit at the Whitney, Louis Vuitton has also taken Kusama’s polka-dot themes and used them for a new collection of their own thanks to the help of designer and creative director Marc Jacobs. And the end result is nothing but a mass of beautifully colored dotted bags, accessories, and even some apparel that have the similar modern Jacobs appeal.

Why all the Dots?

So what’s with all the dots? The Daily Beast reports “Dots were her thing—beguiling, surreal, mysterious. The dots, she says in her accented English, are ‘my medicine—my personal medicine. From my childhood, I [saw] the polka dots … [and] people talked about [my art with] the polka dots.’”

Kusama will be another one of the many creative minds that Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs have collaborated with in the past including Richard Prince, Takashi Murakami, and Stephen Sprouse to name a few. All of these artists have offered Louis Vuitton a sense of funky style to such a contemporary and elite brand.

What to Expect from the Collection

So what can we really expect in this one-of-a-kind collection? Well, this is not for those who are shy of color and patterns.The collection if bombarded with bright hues that feature all over polka dots including handbags that have a similar color motif of what Minnie Mouse might wear, to a bumble bee-looking dress with watching black and yellow dotted accessories.

The scarves, bangles, and sunglasses all have the same dot feature and are the ideal accessory for those who are sporting something simple like a black trench boat or a simple sheath dress. The shoes and handbags also offer the same feel. While you might not be able to wear them everyday like you would with a classic monogramed Vuitton, you can spark up your wardrobe from time to time with one of these loud and fun pieces. Who even knew polka-dots could be so high-end? Get a glimpse of the brand new collection right now here.


Where to Find Louis Vuitton Fashion

In order to get anything from the collection you’ll have to venture out to a few of the shops that will hold it including Louis Vuitton’s Fifth Avenue Maison in New York, states Fashionista.com. They also report that it’s been said that there will be seven other stores all over the world including London and Paris.

And you’re also able to see Kusama at her best with her latest exhibit at the Whitney, from now until September 30. For those visiting the museum to see the work in the flesh, be sure to check out the lobby where Kusama’s “Fireflies on the Water” is being showcased. Anyone else who can’t make it out to the exhibit can get a look at what they are missing here. It’s not exactly polka-dots but it is full of sparkle creating a sort of wonderland type feel throughout allowing the viewer to be transformed into a whole other dimension. Sort of what we feel might take place with the latest Louis Vuitton collection too.

Photos: laeyeworks.typepad.com


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