Summer is here and the temperature is officially heating up, and so are the colors in the wardrobe. There is nothing like a colorful attire to really make anyone in the mood for sunshine, and this summer is no different except for the fact that these bright hues come in the form of a structured and sophisticated style suit. To really rock your wardrobe this summer, be sure to take part in the ultimate summertime attire: the bright short suit.

Video of Bright Short Suit – How to Wear It!

When many of us think of suits we think of tailored fitting, strong lines, and simple neutral colors. Suits normally come in classic hues that include black, tan, navy, grey, and sometimes even white. However, we don’t always associate these structured styles with something that is vibrant and fun. That is until now. This summer we’re talking about the simplicity of adding color and sophisticated style with the help of colorful short suits.

H&M SPRING 2012 Short Suit

H&M SPRING 2012 Short Suit.

A short suit is ideal for women in the workforce who want to keep their fashion look clean and refined, but are still appropriate for the warm weather months. Normally, we see these suits paired with peep toe pumps and accented accessories that keep the style very classy and professional. However, this summer we want to see more color and we get it with these suits. Gone are the days of the plain black or nude short suits, and instead we are seeing these suits come in colors of orange, pink, yellow, and green, to name just a few.

We have seen so many fashion design looks when it comes to colorful short suits. Everything from bright solid colors, to bold inspiring prints. Rebecca Minkoff showcased a funky Aztec print suit that includes a pair of shorts and a matching jacker that is ideal for those who like to take a daring step into fashion. It’s got an old school fashion type vibe is so funky and fresh that you’ll love wearing it now with bold accessories for a modern twist. Minkoff also offers a fun bright orange suit that is perfect when paired with a navy blouse and nude pumps that can be worn either during the day or in the evening.

Celebrities in Bright Short Suit

beyonce bright short suit

Beyonce in a bright short suit.

Many celebrities have also been seen sporting this style including Beyone in her all-over sunshine yellow and Victoria Justice showing off her gams in a sassy salmon color suit. These ladies really know how to work the look too. They keep the look simple and clean. The lines are still very structured and the overall look and fit is professional. To really make this look stand out is that they add funky feminine shoes to really take this masculine style into their own.

While Beyone sticks to keeping the look all one color by adding a yellow burn-out tee into the all over yellow mix, Justice adds a more sophisticated and romantic feel with her crisp white bow tie blouse, which makes her look appropriate for the office or a special event. Beyone’s look, however, is more ideal for a night out on the town especially paired with her colorful heels that add a bit of youth.

The trick to wearing these suits properly, as we have seen on these celebrities is by not overdoing it with too much added on accessories. These suits are so colorful that it’s important to make sure that you allow them to be the focal point. The color and the fact that they show off your legs will really make them stand out on their own without needing anything else on the side.

Stick to wearing minimal jewelry too. If the sleeves on the suit jacket are relatively long and fall past the wrist, skip on wearing any bracelets altogether. However, if the sleeves are cinched or rolled up like we say Beyonce sport, a watch might really do the trick, adding a stronger sense of masculine style. Stick with wearing some short studs or hoop earrings to add some funky style, but nothing more. The overall look is so clean, that you don’t need to add any necklaces or anything of that sort.


Sexy Short Suit by Amanda Seyfried.

As far as the hair goes, we are seeing all the girls sporting it down and we agree that this is a must for when wearing suits like these. Wear your locks long when you are wearing one of these suits, just like Amanda Seyfried wore when she was seen sporting that hot H&M short suit on the red carpet. Her hair was worn down with a few curls at the end, giving it that ultimate girly feel that we love so much. If you hair is curly be sure to wear it wild and full but if you have straight hair, opt for a sleek approach. If you were to wear your hair up, it would look more professional, and while we are all about rocking the refined approach we think this suit needs some added flare with sexy hair.

A bright short suit is an essential piece in the wardrobe for all women this summer. If you want to rock a hot look this season, be sure to score a colorful suit to really make your style stand out. You’ll love being so fashionable, but you’ll also appreciate the face that you won’t be too hot looking this good thanks to your barely there bottoms.

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