If you are on this site, chances are, you know your fashion. You’re the go-to trendsetter, who’s eyes are made to find the latest fashion styles. You might even be a professional who works in the industry already but wants more training and education to back up your career. If that’s the case, getting a fashion masters degree is the right choice for you. Getting a fashion masters degree is ideal for anyone who already has some background and education in the field but wants to amp up their knowledge to help further their career and become even more fashionably successful than before.

Find a Local Fashion Masters Degree Program

Whether you’re focused more on business or the creative side of fashion a fashion masters degree offers the courses to succeed at some of the top best schools including the Fashion Institute of Technology, Academy of Art University, Ball State and Ohio University. Some of the classes that you can expect to take part in are as follows:

  • Fashion Journalism
  • Fashion/Textile Design
  • Visual Marketing
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Retail
  • Advertising

Types of Fashion Masters Degree Programs

Top masters degree programs in fashion include fashion design, fashion merchandising and business administration and marketing in fashion. All degrees normally consist of a two year program when going full time, and three to four years for part time students.

Masters in Fashion Design

This degree can include a master of design in fashion, or fine arts in fashion and students will learn how to determine fashion trends, product development, textiles and sketching. Classes include both in-class studies along with studio time. A fashion designer can make anywhere from $40,000 and up depending on the individual, the brand and the company.

Masters in Fashion Merchandising

Students will learn about consumer buying traits, textiles, and retailing while taking their courses for this type of masters degree. Some of the classes that are required include promotion, retail, merchandising, design and product development. Fashion merchandisers are normally able to make between $70,000 and $80,000 a year, while purchasing managers and advertisers can make over $100,000.

Masters of Business Administration/Marketing and Management

Getting a masters in this type of program will give students the education in both fashion and business with courses including retailing, buying, and merchandizing. Some popular career opportunities a student is able to get into after receiving their degree can be a fashion director, visual merchandiser or fashion buyer. An entry level visual merchandiser can make $25,000 to $30,000 when first starting and as time and experience progresses the salary can increase up to around $100,000.

Getting a fashion masters degree can be done in several ways. Some prefer to work in a classroom getting the hands on experience with a teacher beside them, while others might like to get their degree online in the comfort of their own home. Depending on the type of field of study–design, marketing, merchandising–will help determine which type of degrees are offered both online and in an institution. Some creative degrees such as a masters in fashion design might only be offered at an institution since in-house studio work is the main focus, while other degree programs including fashion marketing, might be held online since a lot of it deals with books and studying and not as much studio time.

Whether you decide to study online or at an institution, getting a fashion masters degree is the stepping stone to achieving your goals of being a successful professional in the industry. Once you have a fashion masters degree, there is no telling where your career will be able to take you. All that is for sure is that the future looks fashionably bright.

Why earn a Masters Degree in Fashion

While a fashion masters degree can target a specific field of interest including fashion marketing, it is still essential for the student to understand all aspects of fashion–both on the business end and the creative side. This way the student will be able to understand how to work with the ever changing industry and learn how to give what the consumer wants. By getting a fashion graduate degree, a student will have the proper knowledge of what is needed to succeed in this industry.

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