Fashion is a challenging but exciting industry to be part of but starting off can be difficult, especially when you don’t have the proper education to help you succeed. That’s where fashion degree programs come in. Getting a degree in fashion will help you learn about everything from textiles to marketing which will get you “in the know” about anything and everything there is in fashion.

There are several different levels of fashion degree programs you can look into including an associates, bachelors or a masters degree. An associates degree can normally be completed within two years and doesn’t normally ask for any prerequisites. Students getting their bachelors normally attend for four years without needing any prior education (sometimes a portfolio) and a graduate student getting their masters can expect to study from one to two years depending on the program and the time devoted. Most master programs ask that the attending student have a bachelors degree, but not necessarily one focused on fashion.

List of Fashion Degree Programs

The degrees that can be offered in fashion include anything from Fashion Marketing and Merchandising to Fashion Design or Fashion Journalism.

  • Business savvy students might be more apt to study in merchandising, marketing, or management so they can learn how to promote, sell, and understand the consumer.
  • Others might enjoy studying design in either apparel, accessories or interior design. A fashion design degree will help them get more comfortable with their sketching, color, and above all their consumer.
  • Those interested in journalism might prefer to be a fashion journalist major focusing mainly on writing about the different styles and fashion of today, while learning about the history and the future of fashion.

There are two main ways to go about getting a degree in fashion. For those who are interested in fashion degree programs, they can either get one online or at an institution.

Online Degrees and On-Campus Degrees

  • Online Fashion Degree Programs: For students who are interesting in furthering their education but are concerned about not having the time to go back to school, online programs are a great choice. Many schools offer online courses and degree programs including anything from a certificate to a masters. This is a great option for someone who needs to work full time or has other obligations that won’t allow them to study in the classroom. A flexible schedule and remote class are just a couple of the benefits to studying online. Schools that offer online fashion degree programs are Parsons, American Intercontinental University and The Art Institute Online.
  • On-Campus Fashion Degree Programs: Many students prefer to get their degree in an institution where they have the opportunity to meet with their professors in person. Studio time is very important for many fashion design students and is essential for them to achieve their degree, so studying on-campus is a necessity. Some schools of choice include the Fashion Institute of Technology, Berkeley College, and London College of Fashion.

Working in fashion is glamorous and fun, but not for the faint at heart. You need to always be up to date with the latest looks and designers while understanding the consumer market. If you’re looking to learn more about this booming industry, fashion degree programs will be sure to give you the proper education you need to learn to stay on top.