Fall Fashion Preview Guide

Even though the weather is still hot and the sun is still shining fall is just around the corner, allowing designers and retailers to showcase the latest looks that this season has to offer. This fall we’re all about texture, layers, and statement pieces. To help bring you in-the-know about this season’s must-have looks, we’ve got the 411 on the fashion for fall with exclusive preview items for this season.leather-skirt for fall

While it might be hard to think about bundling up in sweaters and sporting leather since it’s still so warm out, that doesn’t stop the retailers from showing off what we’re going to be craving next month. When we think of fall, we tend to imagine lots of comfy textures and ultra cool layers to help really make our wardrobe look autumn worthy. This season it’s the same with lots of bulky sweaters, cute jackets, and so much more to choose from.

Shawl Jacket

Let’s first start off with a must-have jacket that is ideal for the warmer part of fall and then used as a blazer for in doors once the cold rush hits. The shawl jacket is making an appearance this autumn with classic tailoring and a slight padding to the shoulders for a more structured silhouette. The shawl collar is very texturized and funky to give an allover city chic style that’s great with a burnout tee underneath along with skinny jeans for the right amount of contrast. Helmet Lang has an amazing shawl jacket out that is called the Plexus. It’s super comfy and seriously modern, allowing the person wearing it to really rock out in style.

Fall Fashion Preview Guide

Animal Print

Of course we are also seeing animal prints step foot back into the wardrobe with the ever so popular fur-faux leopard print jackets that we saw last year. This season, we are still loving those so you’ll be able to sport the one you have from last year with no problem, but there are some different styles to check out too. Right now the short, cropped look is super stylish for fall. Instead of opting for a long coat right away, stick with one that is cropped that will look amazing with a white tee and a pair of black denim jeans. Also these coats have a bit more structure to them as well, including a slight padded shoulder and a tailored collar.


Where there is talk about jackets, there is also a discussion on sweaters, and bulky is the word for these beloved pieces. Sweaters this season are showing some serious bulk with lots of texture that are a bit on the baggier side. Crochet sweaters always seem to make a come back each fall, and this season is no different. You’ll find thick cable knits with extra long sleeves to create the right amount of coziness to each style. Many crochet sweaters are also sporting an uneven hem or one that has a slight angle to it, giving this so-called classic style a completely contemporary twist.

cowl-neck sweaterWhen it comes to sweaters, there is nothing like a traditional cowl neck. This sweater is usually made to be very plush, creating a super comfy style that is great when paired with just about anything. A cowl neck sweater is always a must for the fall and winter wardrobe, and when worn with a pair of leather leggings, this casual look is vamped up just a bit where you’re able to take this to the streets and not only feel great, but look hot too.

And did we mention the obsession over leather? Every fall allows us to be a little more daring in the wardrobe and that goes for trying on some new leather duds. Leather skirts are huge and you’ll able to sport them either as a mini or a longer pencil fit that can be worn to and from the office. Leather leggings are also a must-have because they look especially good with not only sweaters but also simple long-sleeve tees that we’re obsessing over this season too.

There is also something about the fall season that really makes designers become excited to bring out the bling. While we were seeing very small, feminine pieces hit the jewelry market the past season, we are seeing statement necklaces bringing a strong a return. Anything from gold chain chokers to bold stud necklaces are the “it” design piece to add to any wardrobe. Marc Jacobs has always been known to be fun in his designs, and his latest Ice Cubes Stud Necklace really helps shine that through. This piece is crafted in different size cubes with beautiful color to really add a bit of something extra to any simple black dress.

Just because it’s not fall yet, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be checking out what this season has to offer. Now that you have a preview of what is in store so you’ll be able to get your fall wardrobe in check once the season rolls around next month.

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