Fashion Merchandising Degree
Learn what it takes to merchandise fashion online and in-store.
Fashion Design Degree
For those with a creative eye, enter the world of fashion design.
Fashion Marketing Degree
Learn how to market fashion online and in-store with the lastest technology.

Get started in the world of fashion with fashion degrees in marketing, design, management and more! Fashion degrees prepare you for the professional world of applying creative design to accessories and clothing. Over time, fashion has gone through many phases of style and expression, allowing each generation to make their mark on how we dress. Each fashion movement has been influenced by culture and social impressions, creation unique identities for those who choose to express themselves with that given fashion trend.

Having a career in fashion can be exciting, glamorous and fun. To get a fabulous fashion career, it’s smart to invest time and energy into learning more about the industry. What better way to do this than by getting a degree in fashion? A fashion degree provides the skills and knowledge to prepare students for a successful fashion career. Since there are many fashion jobs, there are severalĀ types of degrees to choose from. Students can choose to specialize in different fields of interests including design, marketing, or merchandising. By studying fashion, students will get the needed tools to be successful at building a fantastic fashion career.

Fashion degrees provide students with the experience and technical understanding necessary to succeed in the fashion industry. Earning a fashion degree that interests the student (design, marketing, merchandising) will help apply the needed tools and specialization requried to become successful at building a career. Education is a key part to success. Learn more about fashion jobs and the types of fashion degrees in the article below and throughout this website.

Fashion Jobs

When it comes to the types of fashion jobs a person can consider for their career, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on the field of interest. Some fashion careers to consider with a fashion degree are:

  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Management
  • Fashion Design

Fashion Merchandising

Studying in the field of fashion merchandising teaches students how to buy, sell and promote fashion including clothing, shoes and accessories. Students will have a strong understanding of the business side of fashion, but will also get to learn about the different fabrics and textiles used when making the items that they’ll eventually sell and promote. These students will need to be ahead of the fashion game, meaning they will learn how to successfully stay fashion forward to keep up to date on the latest looks, trends and designers. Avid fashion shoppers tend to make excellent merchandisers since they are essentially doing what they already love and know about. Careers include anything from a visual merchandiser to a merchandise buyer.

Fashion Marketing

fashion degreesStudying in a fashion marketing program will help a student understand the basic elements of fashion along with gaining many necessary technical skills. These skills can include anything from learning how to properly use software like Photoshop to using social media to help promote a fashion business. These students should also have a strong grasp on trend spotting in the fashion world, or have a strong interest in learning about it. Students who get a fashion marketing degree have a few options for a career including publishing, advertising, public relations, graphic design, stylist and marketing.

Fashion Management

Understanding not only the business side of fashion is crucial when studying fashion management but also having knowledge of the history of fashion is beneficial for this type of career. Getting a fashion management degree will help the student learn about the business side and the history of fashion along with some creative aspects including design and color theory. Students who study fashion management also have several different outlets to choose from when determining a career in this field. Some may focus on manufacturing and retail while others might get into a career focused more on consumer behavior, retail or event planning.

Fashion Design

Students who are looking to base their career mainly in the creative aspect of fashion should seek out a degree in fashion design. Studying fashion design will help the student become comfortable with fashion terminology, understand what is needed in their work to make the consumer want to buy their items and learn about the different trends and styles throughout history. Students will also learn how to improve their hand drawing skills, feel comfortable tailoring and sewing and learn about colors and textiles. Most of the students getting a degree in this area normally want to be a fashion designer, visual merchandise designer or interior designer.

What To Expect To Learn

fashion degrees pictureWhen studying in fashion, students will learn all different aspects of what it takes to have a successful career. The training and education will vary depending on the type of field they are studying. A student in fashion design will learn more about the human body and how to create items that will fit what consumers are looking for right now, while a student studying in fashion marketing or merchandising will learn more about the business side including how to sell and promote fashion. Regardless of the type of degree, any student who studies in their field of interest will help get the proper education one will need to build a lasting and exciting career in the fashion industry.

Large Companies Hiring in the Fashion Industry

Once a student graduates with a fashion degree, it’s time to start searching for a career that will fit his or her background and skills. While fashion can be a hard field to get into, students who have a degree to back up their skills are often able to find an excellent job in their field. Depending on the school a student studies at, the degree they receive and their overall skills and education background will determine where they will be working after their degree. Some large companies that hire people with fashion degrees include the following:

  • Gap Inc.
  • Target
  • Toy Companies
  • Calvin Klein
  • SAKS Inc.
  • Coach
  • Express
  • Lacoste
  • Macy’s
  • BCBG

The Fashion Industry

There is no question why someone wants to work within the fashion industry. It’s a booming business that will never be out of style since there will always be demand for it by the consumer. The fashion industry is made out of several aspects including production of materials, production of designers and manufactures along with advertising, promoting and sales. All of these things are geared toward making sure that the consumer is satisfied and that there is always a high demand for fashion and the items being created and sold. Within the fashion industry there are different demands such as luxury fashion, mainstream and discount pieces to name a few. Breaking into the fashion industry can be difficult, even when there is a hot item to be sold to a consumer in demand. Having a degree in fashion helps students understand all aspects of this industry and helps them see how using other technical devices such as software programs and social media can help rise to the top. The fashion industry can be tricky, but having a degree in the field can help a person boost their knowledge and confidence to succeed in not only the industry but in their passion as well.